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Opperman Investigations and Ed Opperman Featured on ABC News Regarding Anthony Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner Might Not Have Been Able to Hide His Sexts, Even with Snapchat and Other Tools - ABC News

Opperman Investigations and Ed Opperman featured on ABC News regarding Anthony Weiner scandal
Recently Ed Opperman of Opperman Investigations Inc and Accurate Information Recovery Inc was interviewed by ABC News Jonathon Chang in regards to the Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers. Opperman was consulted as an expert in digital forensics and his ability to investigate online infidelity by tracing a suspected cheaters email address back to online dating web sites and personal ads.

Opperman also discussed recovering deleted text messages from cell phones to investigative infidelity.  The interview also covered Opperman's web site and his involvement in recent high profile celebrity cheating scandals like the Tiger Woods story, the Aston Kutcher /Demi Moore divorce, and many other cases.

Ed Opperman says he's available for publics speaking engagements, TV commentary and training seminars regarding Internet investigations and digital forensics. He can be contacted via his web site

Opperman Investigations Inc owns and operates a web site called, an online investigation service that locates and identifies cyber stalkers, traces emails, Investigates Internet infidelity by tracing emails back to online dating web sites and personal ads. They also provide digital forensic service to recover deleted texts from cell phones and computer forensics investigations.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ed Opperman on ABC Nightline.

Opperman Investigations and will be featured on ABC Nightline this Friday 1/18/1013 I'll be discussing how Email tracing and computer and cell phone forensics can be used to catch people in infidelity.

Jan. 24, 2013—

Technology Can Scour Escort Service Sites for a Cheater's Email

1. Deleted Stuff On Cell Phones Can Be Retrieved
Ed Opperman, a PI based in Henderson, Nev., said he has recovered deleted text messages, calendar updates, memos, incoming and outgoing call records and other information from cell phones of alleged cheats. "There's a lot of information in a phone that is excellent for an infidelity investigation," Opperman said. "We want the deleted stuff, that's what we're looking for."

2. Website Registries Can Be Combed for Email Addresses
For a fee, Opperman offers to scour dating, escort services, porn and personal ad website registries for a suspected cheat's email address through his website, "It is very quick," he said. "The whole search takes about 20 minutes."

3. Long Phone Call Records Can Be a Red Flag
Don't forget about those good old fashioned phone records. Some private investigators will look through those too for clues. Nazarian said when he looks at phone bills for someone who is suspected of cheating, he takes note of the number of minutes someone is talking. "Most cell phone calls are like a minute, two minutes, three minutes max," he said. "When you see a 30, 40, 50 minute cell phone call and that number keeps popping up, there's a problem."

4. Cyber Honey Traps Can Be Set
Some private investigators will also try to approach a suspected cheater online to lure them or catch them in the act. "In general, on the Internet, people think they are invisible," Opperman said. "They think they can get away with a lot. The older ones, they aren't that tech savvy and they don't realize the trail that they are leaving behind."
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ed Opperman's Digital Forensic Investigation Uncovers Additional Secret Service Misbehavior

November 29, 2012 - Ed Opperman the digital forensic investigator for Accurate Information Recovery Inc, the forensic dept of was pivotal in uncovering Secret Service misdeeds in the 2012 Congressional Investigation and Hearing. The Nevada based forensic lab was retained to preserve evidence recovered from the Anchorage Alaska Police Dept evidence locker that pointed to the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia.

"I was working on a separate case when the Colombia Secret Service scandal broke. My client in that case reported to me an involvement with the Secret Service Agent that triggered the Colombian prostitution scandal. My original client then presented me with several items of evidence straight from the police evidence locker. After examining this additional evidence we were able to recover, preserve and document some incriminating data that was presented in the Congressional hearing." Says Ed Opperman Pres of Accurate Information Recovery Inc.
"After this new evidence and supporting affidavits were submitted to the congressional record," continued Opperman, "They concluded there was additional misbehavior by the Secret Service above and beyond the scandal in Colombia."

Email Revealer’s digital forensics services are not limited to cellular phone text message recovery, however. As well as recover deleted cell phone texts, their computer hard drive data recovery services can retrieve previously deleted files, documents, browser histories, and images from a computer’s hard drive. also features services to trace emails, locating and identifying the person behind an email address and hacked email account investigations. Monitoring email accounts to catch email spys in the act.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

SHAILEY TRIPP Hires PI Ed Opperman, Noted Forensic Expert To Examine Digital Property Seized By Police

COVINGTON, LA: Shailey Tripp, the 37-year-old former licensed massage therapist embroiled in a sex scandal involving the husband of former Vice Presidential candidate and FOX news pundit Sarah Palin, has hired a well known private investigator to determine whether computers and cell phones believed to contain evidence of her affair with Todd Palin may have been tampered with while in the custody of the Anchorage Police Department (APD) in Anchorage, Alaska.

“I have instructed my attorney to submit all of my electronic property, including cell phones, to Colorado Springs P.I. Ed Opperman and his Nevada based digital forensic company, Accurate Information Recovery Inc.,” Tripp said, adding, “My expectation is that he will be able to recover substantial evidence of my relationship with Todd and corroborate what I have been saying about Todd's prostitution activities.”

"I look forward to examining the material in question," , adding, "Once my examination is complete the report will be made available to Ms. Tripp for her to do as she wishes. We have no political stake or opinion in the matter. This is just an impartial search for the truth."

When Tripp was arrested for prostitution by the APD in March 2010, officers seized a sizeable amount of electronic gear and paper documentation that Tripp has maintained contain evidence of a prostitution ring that included Todd Palin and other powerful figures in Alaska. When her case was dismissed last June, Judge Pamela Washington ordered that all of Tripp’s property be returned to her. After battling the APD for several months the department finally returned some of her property but not all.

In an effort to gain the return of her remaining property Tripp has file a complaint with APD’s Internal Affairs Division and the Municipal Ombudsman. Then on November 30 Judge Washington took the unusual step of issuing a new order to the Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor and APD, giving the agencies ten days to comply or be held in contempt.

Opperman will examine the electronic equipment that has been returned to Trip so far. “A big part of Mr. Opperman’s job will be to determine of any of my property was tampered with while it was in the APD’s possession. Detective McKinnon assured me that it had not been examined.”

Tripp has ample reason to be concerned after learning that an APD officer, Lt. Dave Parker, issued a misleading press release at the specific request of Sarah Palin lawyer John Tiemessen. The release, which coincided with a planned National Enquirer expose about Todd, stated that APD had examined Tripp’s property and found no mention of Todd Palin. The Palins used this press release to discredit the Enquirer story and the tabloid decided not to pursue the story. Parker later admitted to blogger/lawyer Malia Litman that the department had not thoroughly examined the property and therefore could not exclude Todd as being tied to Tripp.

Tripp has asked APD Internal Affairs to examine whether Parker acted improperly in issuing the press release. Internal Affairs has so far not responded to her request.

Tripp’s documentation is part of a book she is writing about her life story, including her involvement with Todd Palin. Because she has received threats, she is taking no chances with her material. “I put all the other evidence such as notebooks, calendars, appointments books, receipts, gift certificates, client forms, and other materials in a secure location,” she said. “I have taken the added step of making multiple copies and saving them in several locations physically and on the Internet."

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Howard Stern disputes authenticity of e-mail to RTM; uses PI Ed Opperman

Howard Stern is going from star of "Private Parts" to private dick.

The shock jock's satellite radio show recently enlisted the services of a Colorado Springs, Colo., private investigator to look into the origin of an e-mail sent to members of the Representative Town Meeting, attacking the character of longtime Stern sidekick/producer Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate.

The Feb. 17 e-mail, which opposes Dell'Abate's candidacy for a seat on the parks board, came from a Internet Protocol address on the town's network, according to the investigation.

"I had a gut feeling from the beginning that it wasn't real because it was so over the top," Dell'Abate said. "I'm glad that it's been exposed as a fake. Whoever wrote it won't stand behind it, which gives it much less validity."

First Selectman Peter Tesei confirmed to the newspaper he has ordered the town's information technology director to look into the source of the e-mail.

"People should be discriminant in their behavior and use of e-mail," Tesei said. "It's wrong to do that."

RTM members received the e-mail on Feb. 17 from a person identifying himself as 20-year town resident Michael Obrien, who accused Dell'Abate of degrading women.

"He hires young women models, prostitutes and porn stars to go on his show just to have Howard Stern and other members of the cast (including himself) treat the women like garbage," the e-mail said. "In other cases, they have even put young girls in chains or tied them up and called them `slaves' as a `so-called' joke."

The e-mail's author, who questioned whether Dell'Abate is an appropriate role model for children, did not respond to a message from Greenwich Time.

"I honestly would not leave my daughters alone with this man," the e-mail said. "Please protect our community, daughters, young men and our fine parks from Gary Dell'Abate."

Dell'Abate's appointment to the volunteer board is subject to confirmation by the full 230-member RTM on March 14.

"It made me sound like I was a pedophile," Dell'Abate said of the e-mail during a recent sound bite on "Howard 100 News" on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Playing an advisory role in town government, the nine-member parks board has been a springboard for everything from beach-access policies and playground projects to park fees and a master inventory of available playing fields. Terms run for three years.

A resident of Old Greenwich for the past 16 years who is married with two sons, Dell'Abate was unanimously nominated in January by the selectmen for the parks board.

"There's one thing to have public debate, and then there's this, which is borderline libel," said Selectman Drew Marzullo, who recruited Dell'Abate for the job.

"I support any investigation that the first selectman feels is warranted. I also fully support Gary in defending his honor, but it's unfortunate that he has to in the first place. I will say this again, Gary will be an excellent addition to the parks board."

Tesei urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the e-mail's origin, saying that many people have access to the town's computer network.

"There are people who are now on town boards and commissions who have town e-mail addresses," Tesei said. "That doesn't necessarily mean it's a town of Greenwich employee."

The private investigator used by "Howard 100 News" was identified by program officials as Ed Opperman, who runs a website called

Stern's show would not reveal the IP address that was used to send the e-mail, however.

Read more:

Ed Opperman Hired To Recover Deleted Texts For Aston Kutcher Alleged Mistress

When model Brittney Jones first went public about her alleged affair with
superstar Ashton Kucher many people were skeptical of her claims. People
questioned her credibility and she needed hard evidence to salvage her good

The high powered celebrity management team of Gina Rodriguez and DD
Entertainment turned to of Opperman Investigations Inc to
examine her blackberry and recover any hard evidence that could corroborate her
story. was able to perform forensic examinations on the phoneto recover text messages, phone logs and images. The final report of this
high tech investigation was able to produce an image of Ms Jones caller Id
that showed an incoming call from the name "Ashton Kutcher". As well as call
logs and text messages from the same phone number associated with that
caller ID.

According to Ed Opperman, the owner of, “This case was
unusual because the phone had over 3000 images and many videos. But we did
recover and document the evidence the client was seeking."

Opperman’s website,¸ describes his cell phone forensic
investigations as a way to replace detailed cell phone billing records to
investigate infidelity. A forensic examination (
can recover evidence to either prove suspected infidelity or clear a
person accused of an affair. The results speak for themselves. Opperman
continues, “Just about every kind of digital device can be examined and all kinds
of deleted data can be retrieved…deleted pics, text messages, call logs,
GPS...and more, sometimes even voice mails can be recovered.”

EmailRevealer’s digital forensic investigations are not limited to
cellular phone data recovery. As well as retrieving deleted cell phone texts,
theircomputer hard drive data recovery services can retrieve deleted files,
documents, browser histories, and images from a computer’s hard drive.

EmailRevealer is an online investigation service that specializes in
investigating extramarital activity. In addition to their computer and cell
phone forensics services, EmailRevealer also provides Internet Infidelity
investigations, to trace an email address back to secret online personal ads and
dating sites.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Private Investigator Ed Opperman Wins National Publicity Cyber-Sleuthing for Celebrities

COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado private investigator is attracting boatloads of national press by identifying emailers and conducting other cyber-stalking investigations for a wide range of clients, including celebrities.Ed Opperman of

Ed Opperman of recently investigated the origin of an e-mail complaining about one of the producers of shock-jock radio talker Howard Stern. The case made national headlines, and it’s far from the only time Opperman has worked for celebrities.

Opperman offered some insights into his cyber-sleuthing in a recent e-interview with the Denver Private Investigator Blog.

Private Investigator Blog: What is your background as a PI? What types of cases did you work most often?

Opperman: I worked as an information broker in the 80′s and made a good name for myself. I got hired by PIs in NYC to do organized crime cases. Went on to do other things, then teamed up with some retired NYC cops in 2000 to do employment screening for UPS. Then I branched out into full-service PI work. Now I mostly do cyber-stalking investigations, computer and cell phone forensics to recover data in infidelity cases. I also invented a search to trace email address back to online dating services to catch people cheating online.

Private Investigator Blog: Why are you based in Colorado?

Opperman: I like the licensing laws, tax rates, climate, small town feel, inexpensive labor and rents.

Private Investigator Blog: What career path led you to form your current business?

Opperman: I went to school for paralegal studies, I worked for licensed investigators in NYC as an information broker and then in the telecommunications field. I expanded that into my cell phone forensics and email tracing. I partnered with retired LEO to do employment screening, but then took advantage of my experience in telecommunications to do email tracing.

Private Investigator Blog: How do you promote your business?

Opperman: Article writing, word of mouth, referrals. I don’t advertise at all. Most of my clients come to me from PIs or lawyers I worked with in NYC 25 years ago. I have a good reputation among my fellow investigators and law firms. I try to promote my business to professionals in the business for a flat rate fee.

Private Investigator Blog: You seem to attract a lot of the celebrity clients, and then you promote what you do for them on your web site. How do you attract them? And how do you get their permission to use them in your company promotional materials? Among the celebrity clients that you ask for permission to cite in your company’s promotional materials, what percentage turn you down?

Opperman: I fell into that. I did a few jobs for some high profile clients and word gets around. My biggest cases have never been publicized. But more recently in the Tiger Woods case I was retained by a talent agent/manager and all her jobs are for public release. The jobs are designed to be press-released. I never ask for permission to press- release a job. Those jobs that get press releases come to me initially as jobs that are intended for press-release.

I have worked and I am working for some other celebrity/political cases that I would never dream of press-releasing or ever asking to press release. In fact if you notice there are jobs I’ve done, like the one you initially contacted me about [regarding Howard Stern], that are widely reported in the press already but I have never press released.

I’ve also had several very high profile celebrity cases that were initially meant for press release but after the investigation, the results were not suitable for public release.

Private Investigator Blog: Are celebrities good clients? Are they more demanding than your “regular” clients?

Opperman: I work through the agent/ managers so it’s no different than working for a lawyer. In my opinion they are less difficult than lawyers. LOL I’ve consulted with many celebrities directly mostly in pre-litigation but all my consultations in those instances have been very friendly and amicable.

Private Investigator Blog: Without giving away proprietary information, tells us what you can about how you obtain the information you provide your clients The common understanding is that in order to get an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide the name of the owner/user of an email address, you have to have a subpoena. Do you get around that somehow, or do you simply provide the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer from which an email was sent? What do you tell your clients who want more?

Opperman: I never request information from an ISP unless it’s with a subpoena. But that’s not the only way to obtain information from an email address. I have my own database. I have access to many databases but I also have ways of contacting the e-mailer or luring them into traps that will reveal their identity. In fact the Howard Stern case was a very simple trace. If they had not mentioned on the air that I was tracing the email it would have been very easy to identify him. At the same time I was doing the exact same job for a city attorney in a California and it only took a few days to ID the e-mailer. The investigations were identical.

Your question is based on the misconception that identifying the person behind an email address begins and ends with an examination and trace of the e-mail header. I could talk about this for hours and hours. There is much more to an email trace investigation than just a header trace or examination.

Private Investigator Blog: Are there any limitations on what you can obtain with respect to emails and email users/owners? In other words, what do you have to tell your clients that you CANNOT get?

Opperman: Of course. There’s no guarantee. It’s an investigation like any other investigation. In fact I turn down or reverse many clients every week. Some cases are impossible and not worth wasting time. If I cannot get enough information to return a report then it’s a not a hit. If I return a report and they need further investigation or consultation with LEO or their attorney then I bill hourly. For instance in the Howard Stern case, I was able to prove the e-mail was only created a few minutes before it was sent and then I was able to trace it back to a city computer. So now that’s enough to report to the city and have it complete the investigation without contacting the ISP with a subpoena. But that’s just one example of how this kind of investigation is completed with successful results.

Private Investigator Blog: What do you like most about your work as a PI?

Opperman: I like helping people in trouble. If you look at my Facebook you’ll see people thanking me for helping to reunite their family. I like locating or identifying cyber stalkers after the clients have been told it was impossible. I’ve located run away kids, non-custodial child abductions. That kind of investigation is very satisfying.

Private Investigator Blog: What do you hate most about your work as a PI?

Opperman: I don’t like the billing and collections and clerical work on that end. I enjoy the investigation, finding information but I don’t like to have to ask for more money. I try to keep all my services at a flat fee. Then leave it to the client to request further work. I think that’s fair.

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