Sunday, July 28, 2013

Opperman Investigations and Ed Opperman Featured on ABC News Regarding Anthony Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner Might Not Have Been Able to Hide His Sexts, Even with Snapchat and Other Tools - ABC News

Opperman Investigations and Ed Opperman featured on ABC News regarding Anthony Weiner scandal
Recently Ed Opperman of Opperman Investigations Inc and Accurate Information Recovery Inc was interviewed by ABC News Jonathon Chang in regards to the Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers. Opperman was consulted as an expert in digital forensics and his ability to investigate online infidelity by tracing a suspected cheaters email address back to online dating web sites and personal ads.

Opperman also discussed recovering deleted text messages from cell phones to investigative infidelity.  The interview also covered Opperman's web site and his involvement in recent high profile celebrity cheating scandals like the Tiger Woods story, the Aston Kutcher /Demi Moore divorce, and many other cases.

Ed Opperman says he's available for publics speaking engagements, TV commentary and training seminars regarding Internet investigations and digital forensics. He can be contacted via his web site

Opperman Investigations Inc owns and operates a web site called, an online investigation service that locates and identifies cyber stalkers, traces emails, Investigates Internet infidelity by tracing emails back to online dating web sites and personal ads. They also provide digital forensic service to recover deleted texts from cell phones and computer forensics investigations.

Ed Opperman
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