Friday, November 30, 2012

Ed Opperman's Digital Forensic Investigation Uncovers Additional Secret Service Misbehavior

November 29, 2012 - Ed Opperman the digital forensic investigator for Accurate Information Recovery Inc, the forensic dept of was pivotal in uncovering Secret Service misdeeds in the 2012 Congressional Investigation and Hearing. The Nevada based forensic lab was retained to preserve evidence recovered from the Anchorage Alaska Police Dept evidence locker that pointed to the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia.

"I was working on a separate case when the Colombia Secret Service scandal broke. My client in that case reported to me an involvement with the Secret Service Agent that triggered the Colombian prostitution scandal. My original client then presented me with several items of evidence straight from the police evidence locker. After examining this additional evidence we were able to recover, preserve and document some incriminating data that was presented in the Congressional hearing." Says Ed Opperman Pres of Accurate Information Recovery Inc.
"After this new evidence and supporting affidavits were submitted to the congressional record," continued Opperman, "They concluded there was additional misbehavior by the Secret Service above and beyond the scandal in Colombia."

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  1. Ed thanks for all your work!

  2. Thank you for helping Shay! Now there is proof. I hope some bloggers have egg on their faces for not believing her.
    Now what is up with the congressional investigation? It seems to have stalled?

  3. Hot Damn! I knew when I read Shailey's book she was telling the truth based on my own experiences, her story rang true. Thank you and I hope Shailey is vindicated in every way and the truth about the cover up at APD is told.

  4. laurensd1
    Thank you for working with Malia and others to get Shay's story out there. I see the other movers and shakers are here too!
    I hope that this uncovers some of the dirt on the Palins and they lead the investigation all the way to the top.
    Let them rot in jail with all that accompanies serving time. A loooong time.
    I will volunteer to write them letters which is my duty as a good Christian. The contents, however, may not be very comforting.
    I concur in hoping that a lot of people have egg on their face. Until she and her ilk go down, I plan to make anything Palin my full time hobby.

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