Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ed Opperman Hired To Recover Deleted Texts For Aston Kutcher Alleged Mistress

When model Brittney Jones first went public about her alleged affair with
superstar Ashton Kucher many people were skeptical of her claims. People
questioned her credibility and she needed hard evidence to salvage her good

The high powered celebrity management team of Gina Rodriguez and DD
Entertainment turned to of Opperman Investigations Inc to
examine her blackberry and recover any hard evidence that could corroborate her
story. was able to perform forensic examinations on the phoneto recover text messages, phone logs and images. The final report of this
high tech investigation was able to produce an image of Ms Jones caller Id
that showed an incoming call from the name "Ashton Kutcher". As well as call
logs and text messages from the same phone number associated with that
caller ID.

According to Ed Opperman, the owner of, “This case was
unusual because the phone had over 3000 images and many videos. But we did
recover and document the evidence the client was seeking."

Opperman’s website,¸ describes his cell phone forensic
investigations as a way to replace detailed cell phone billing records to
investigate infidelity. A forensic examination (
can recover evidence to either prove suspected infidelity or clear a
person accused of an affair. The results speak for themselves. Opperman
continues, “Just about every kind of digital device can be examined and all kinds
of deleted data can be retrieved…deleted pics, text messages, call logs,
GPS...and more, sometimes even voice mails can be recovered.”

EmailRevealer’s digital forensic investigations are not limited to
cellular phone data recovery. As well as retrieving deleted cell phone texts,
theircomputer hard drive data recovery services can retrieve deleted files,
documents, browser histories, and images from a computer’s hard drive.

EmailRevealer is an online investigation service that specializes in
investigating extramarital activity. In addition to their computer and cell
phone forensics services, EmailRevealer also provides Internet Infidelity
investigations, to trace an email address back to secret online personal ads and
dating sites.
 Ed Opperman
PO Box 777381 Henderson NV 89077
Phone:800-572-9762 FREE

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